How to Use Criticism for Your Business’ Benefit

Sometimes, it’s tough to be told what your shortcomings are. Don’t take it personally and improve on it.


Business Facts
About 5% of Americans claim to have talked to the devil personally (this percentage does not include any supervisors or department heads you may have worked for in the past).
Stay on the surface.
Always set the example.
If you can, why not?
Why you need sustainability
Magnify your opportunities.
B2B alliances work wonders!

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You wouldn’t take it about your health or love life. Your business shouldn’t be any different.

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When it demands it.

It's more than a pretty face.

When you need one!

The benefits to joining a professional association are virtually endless.

Government Contract = $$$$$

If someone wants to do something for you that’s better than you doing it yourself, why not let them?

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