TIMING IS one of the most important things when it comes to a business. As an entrepreneur, you should know the right time for everything. You should know the right time to launch a new product into the market, the right time to hire more employees, the right time to reduce or increase the prices of your merchandise, the right time to lay off a worker, the right time to increase salaries, and the like.

When you are always aware of these important things and others, you stand a chance of not making unnecessary mistakes that could hurt your business and its profitability. It is also very important for an entrepreneur to know when to hire an assistant. An assistant is basically the representative of the boss, typically without the administrative authority. He or she becomes the ears and the eyes of the entrepreneur, as well as another set of hands and feet. The assistant becomes in charge of knowing how the schedule of the entrepreneur should look. She or he decides what is important for the attention of the entrepreneur and what is not.

The assistant plays a very important role for any business. He or she ensures that the burden of the entrepreneur is lessened. They help the entrepreneur get organized. So when is the right time to hire yourself a assistant? Many people battle with this. They are torn between hiring one and the fact that it will add to the costs of the business. Businesses are generally established with the goal of making profits. In order to ensure that a business makes good profits, it is prudent to keep the costs of operation as minimal as possible. For this reason, some entrepreneurs feel that hiring an assistant will mean an addition to the costs of operation because of the fact that such a person will have to be paid. True as this may be, there comes a time when you have no other option but to hire an assistant. Knowing when this time is right is what will determine whether the decision is prudent or not.

When you realize it is getting hard for you to get to the office because of the many business engagements out of the office, it is time to hire an assistant. A human being can only do so much. There comes a point when you realize you can not do it all on your own. You cannot be in two places at the same time. You can not be in the field dealing with issues and, at the same time, be in the office sorting other people out and answering the telephone. You will also not be able to remember all the appointments you have because of the many tasks you are presented with. Because of this, you may end up losing a lot of money because you had forgotten about a business meeting that you were supposed to have, which you could have added a new client to your list of clientele.