IF YOU WANT to succeed in the business industry, business strategic alliances are crucial as they will help you build your business quickly and efficiently.  When you partner with other people or businesses, you will be in a position to learn new business ideas that you can put into play to take your business to the next level.  It is a great way of enhancing the performance of both companies.  When you get into a strategic partnership, you will get a host of features that you can utilize to take your business to the next level.
Business strategic alliances are good for eliminating other competition.  Strategies like joint ventures have been used by many businesses as a way of doing away with other competition effectively.  This is because you will be partnering with people who would have otherwise been your competitors.  Getting into a partnership is better that being on your own.  This is because you will be enlarging your customer base.  Getting together as business people will help you grow your inventory of services and products.  For a joint venture to be effective, it should include business partners who are in a related field that have a common target.
In order to enhance marketing opportunities, business strategic alliances are advised.  In the modern business world, the market keeps widening each day.  This is why business abilities and opportunities are keeping pace. If you get into alliances, you will have the chance to operate on a global scale and your business will grow quicker faster to reach a large audience.  Many small businesses are finding it hard to cope with the current economic performance.  It is hard for small business owners to penetrate some target markets on their own.  This is why experts advise of the joint ventures.  When you partner with other businesses, you will have global clout and will be able to expand your customer base.
When you capitalize on business strategic alliances, you are likely to stand out from the crowd.  When you reach such a state, your customer base will go global.  With the alliances, you will have a good marketing ground for your products.  You will maximize your marketing ability due to the combined effort with other businesses.  With other people on your strategic team, if you use this talent effectively, your revenue is likely to expand.  If you own a website, back links are likely to see you gain more traffic to your site, which will instantly boost your sales.
An example of a strategic alliance is, say, a landscape architect, an irrigation specialist, and a landscape maintenance company all agreeing to work together or even just exclusively endorsing each other when independently working on a project that could use the others’ work as well.  With that said, strategic alliances between small or micro businesses do not have to be official. As mentioned above, it could be nothing more than a “gentlemen’s agreement,” signed with a handshake, to only endorse the other members in the alliance.
I know a guy who owns a landscape installation company but hated doing maintenance. In short, he liked the design and installation aspect, but hated cutting grass. I mentioned that he should reach out to companies who only do landscape maintenance and work out arrangements to be their “design and installation guy.” Now, he has about five landscape maintenance companies (depending on the geographical area, because nobody wants to drive an hour to mow a lawn) that he has strategic alliances with, and the guy can’t return calls for bids fast enough, even in this down economy. To sweeten the deal, he’s hiring his competitors’ laid off workers and buying his competitors’ pre-owned equipment at rock-bottom prices to expand his own business.  
With the market in the toilet, many businesses have adopted the “if you can’t beat them, join them” slogan.  This is true to many businesses that are now partnering with their competitors with the aim of achieving greatness in the industry.  When you get into business strategic alliances, your customers are likely to be satisfied.  This is because they will find all the goods and services they need at their reach.  Convenience is vital to the success of any business.  When you partner, you will be boosting the convenience of your business.