How to Make a Public Apology

Whether publicly apologizing to customers or employees, sincerity is key. Oh, yeah…and it should be in person.


Business Facts
570: the gallon cans of paint required to paint the outside surface of the White House.
It’s an advantageous opportunity.
More harm than good?
Give them the reigns.
Ensure your employees begin their leadership training on their first day.
Happy employees work harder.

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The quicker, the better.

Example is everything.

When intelligent people disagree, here's the solution.

(As told by a formerly bossy boss)

Let your employees go fairly and efficiently and you’ll still be able to sleep at night.

When intelligent people disagree, here's the solution.

Important decisions aren't easy.

Value through people.

Love thy customers.

Ever feel like the people who work for you are speaking a different language?

Appreciation increases performance.

Empowering your applicants is key.

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