IF AT THE END of your internship, you are asked to stay on as a full-time employee, then you are lucky.  There are few companies that will encourage interns to apply for full-time jobs after their period of internship relapses.  If you are given such an opportunity, you will be very productive since you have experience with the company.  At one point you will find it challenging to make a move from an intern to employee.  There are a number of tips that will help you cope with this transition.

The first thing is to know your clear job duties before you start.  As an intern, you were doing a lot of menial tasks just to get the office running.  As an employee, you will be more serious and get to handle more serious business.  Don’t be afraid to ask about your duties.  You will be required to think more than an intern.  As an intern, at one point, you could be assigned to brew coffee or deliver mail.  As an employee, these roles will change.  You are a professional who needs to handle serious tasks.  You need to remind the management and other employees to kindly look for a new intern to take care of the other tasks.

Once you have undergone the transition from intern to full-time employee, you need to take things seriously from day one.  The fact that you have been offered a full-time job shows that you took internship seriously.  However, as an intern, there are a number of things that you didn’t take seriously—because you either didn’t know or never had the opportunity. You will be expected to do your job as per the regulations of the company or you will be fired.

As a full-time employee, you will benefit from vacation times, sick days, and perks.  When you were an intern, chances are that you didn’t get anything.  Many companies don’t pay interns.  Your transition from intern to full-time employee will see you get into the payroll of the company.  All you need is to sign few papers and you will be one of the employees steering the company to high levels of success.  Discuss with your employer everything you need to know. Once you are offered the job, it is good to ask about your benefits.  Get to know the company policies and adhere to them to avoid rocking horns with the management.

Once you transfer from being an intern to a full-time employee, you need to form the habit of showing up early at your job. If you had the tendency of being late to classes at college, you need to reshape it.  Internship is very flexible.  It is not good to bring this habit into your full-time job. If you show up late consistently, you can be fired.