IT IS THE DESIRE of every business owner or manager to bring in the proper workforce.  This is simply because it is the nature of the employees you have that determines the performance your business achieves.  The key step in bringing in the right staff starts with the hiring process.  Most managers make their worst mistakes in this step.  Nothing daunting, there are a number of things that you can do to achieve the best results at the end of the day.  Below are a few steps you should consider taking for the best results.
First and foremost, it is paramount that you set time for hiring.  It is the lack of time that causes leaders to bring in the wrong staff to their company.  You need to set aside adequate time.  For the best hiring process, you will need ample time to conduct background checks, screen the applicants, and compare their competence.  Get adequate references and support to help through this process.
Second, you need to write proper job posts.  Even with the most reputable firms, if the wrong job post is created, only the undesired applicants will apply.  Special attention has to be given when writing the posts.  In all that you do, make sure that the post best describes the open position in your business.  Give the primary requirements, duties as well as the payment, if possible.  This will help filter the number of people applying for the post.  Improper details can leave you with a long line of unqualified applicants.
Third, proper screening has to be done.  This is the most important step in the hiring process.  In most cases, business leaders end up with the wrong results simply because they pay more attention to the wrong aspects.  You need to understand that judging the book by the cover does not always bring the right judgment.  Do not judge an applicant for his physical looks but for what he is able to bring to the table.  Look at the working experience, education qualification and other relevant aspects that relate to the job post.
One thing that you should avoid when hiring people is searching for a carbon copy of existing or past employees.  You might find the doppelganger but you will never find a person with equal skills as that of another.  You should, therefore, be open to change.  Look at what other people have to offer and hire the most qualified professional.
Another important thing to do is to post the job ad on your website.  There are many people posting fake ads to exploit people.  As a result, people are taking time to confirm with the employer before sending in their application.  Make sure that the job post is featured on your home website.
Lastly, you will need to keep the records of all applicants for at least six months.  At times, the person you hire might not be close to what he painted of himself.  This is what will compel you for a rehire.  The applications of other applicants will help you save on time when searching for a different applicant.  This will also act as proof in case of a misconception.