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Creating a Leads Group

In sales, the more contacts you make, the more you sell. This is the mechanism to put that plan in motion.

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Mike Schiano
Broadcaster / Speaker / Author

Mike (aka “The DebtBuster”) is a nationally recognized expert on Consumer Credit, Debt Management and Family Finance. His workshops and key note talks have been experienced in businesses, organizations and universities nationwide. His projects include work for several U.S. Government agencies such as NASA, the Department of Justice, and the Department of Defense. He’s a former member of the National Speakers Association. Mike’s appeared on national TV including include NBC’s iVillage Live, The Daily Buzz, Geraldo At Large on FOX and Public Television.

Mike is author of the book, “Spend Your Way to Wealth” (Allworth Press, NY 2003), and has written dozens of articles on the subjects of Consumer Credit, Debt Management, and other personal finance topics.


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Mike Schiano Finances & Your Money
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Living a Richer Lifestyle!
Debt Ceilings are Good
It's All About Cash Flow

Email: mike@mikeaboutmoney.com
Web: www.moneytalknetwork.com
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