THE 4P's of marketing are a staple of understanding the advertising world.  A run-down of these 4 P's is essential: the Product, the Place, the Promotion, and the Price.  This article will focus on the Promotion.  Specifically, the article will look into ways via which one can essentially have store fixtures and displays that get the consumers eye, here are five good ideas through which you can catch consumers’ eyes. 
  • Foremost, ensure that when you have a sale going on that you let as many people know about it as possible.  This can be done, for instance, by ensuring that there are discount ads, emails and flyers produced that advertise your sale.  Another way of ensuring that this reality is achieved is by ensuring that your place of business is decorated to advertise the sale as well.

  • The second idea that you can try out is by attempting to entice potential clients.  This can be done by way of positioning your products such that you place your discounted products in the front of the store or at the display window.  

  • The third idea involves incorporating interactivity in one’s display.  Interactivity betokens the use of elements such as mascots, the use of elements such as video games, basically any display concept that interacts with the potential client.  The advantage of this is that it spurs the interest of the client in a product, and better still, the client can get to understand the product.

  • The preceding talking point brings the article to the fourth idea.  The issue here involves the complementary principal.  The issue of complementing comes in the sense that once the client has been appraised on the features of a given product, the natural corollary is to make a sale.  To this end, one can essentially ensure that they do so by strategically placing complements of a given product even beside the product.  You can, for instance, hang ties opposite the rack that business suits are placed.

  • Lastly, you can design the aisle of your shop in such a fashion that the client essentially has a birds-eye view of all products that are being sold at a sale price or featured in a particular store.  Such designs call on a specialist of ergonomics; the cost of design and layout might be high, but the potential payoffs will be worth it.  Follow the above guideline and you stand to pique the interest of customers.