THE WORK OF THE marketing director or manager is a diverse one since it requires a person who is able to observe the various aspects of the business from both a managerial and creative perspective.  It is particularly important that the sales and marketing director have a good understanding of the market and the business’ clients.  The functions of this position are many and all of them are intended to get the satisfaction of the customer who will ensure the business remains profitable if they continue buying the products and services of the company.  Depending on the size of a business, the need of assistant directors of sales and marketing will be determined.  Small business may not require one at all as their operations can be easily monitored by a few staff members.  The case is different for big companies that need someone to coordinate the marketing activities.

Though the role of marketing is crucial in every business, not all businesses are able to allocate the same amount of money for advertising and marketing.  Larger businesses are able to set aside large amounts of money while the smaller ones should try to make do with what they have.  A sales and marketing manager should utilize the funds that are available so that they are able to get the maximum possible benefits.  Before you embark on any marketing campaign, you should seek to find out what the customers think about your services or products.  This can be done by the use of questionnaires, interviews and other ways of gathering feedback from the customers.

There will be no success in any marketing endeavor unless there is a plan for it.  To be a sales and marketing manager, one needs to be able to have a general marketing plan for the business, preferably over a period of several years.  These plans should be reviewed periodically so that they can incorporate any changes that may be necessary.  Within the plan, the role of each member who is relevant to it should be made clear.  With the marketing plan in place, the sales and marketing director should be able to focus on every aspect of the marketing campaign that might be ignored if a more rushed approach was used.

It falls on the role of the director of sales and marketing to have a mix of all the elements involved in the advertising campaign.  The director should ensure that the company, if it is product-based, has developed new products that are likely to be more appealing to the customers.  To be able to market the products, the marketing strategy needs to employ people who will take the products to the people.  These people should be well-qualified and motivated to increase their sales in the competitive market.  The director should know how the marketing strategy will be implemented so as to get the best results for the company.  Any marketing strategy should take the interests of both the existing and new customers into account.  New markets are important, but this does not mean that old ones should be ignored.