MOST COMMONLY, the readers of a marketing plan are employees or consultants. They already have an understanding of the business and its current products and services. However, it is not uncommon for old or archaic businesses, as well as small under-capitalized businesses, to lack a marketing plan. In any basic marketing plan, it is important to focus on four key topics: product, production, placement and promotion. Each of these needs to be introduced and then broken down into clear, concise thoughts with a pre-determined direction. 
The Product Section of the marketing plan describes in detail the product(s) and/or service(s) being introduced or innovated to the market place. Everything should be made clear to the reader, including a detailed description, features, costs, and anything exclusive to the product or service being offered. 
In many businesses, production occurs in many different ways. Businesses do everything from in-house manufacturing, out-sourcing, private labeling, joint ventures, and licensing. Depending on which style your organization relies, clearly articulate your current method of production and if and when your business plans to switch to a different form of production. Most businesses do not use their first choice of production, or the most efficient, due to the costs associated with the change or because they lack to knowledge to switch.
In the Placement Section, the information is fairly easy to create. All that is expected in the Placement Section of a marketing plan are the locations and media in which the business plans to release or offer its product(s) or service(s). Make sure to include the reasoning behind each of the location choices. This helps everyone involved understand the ‘method behind your madness,’ because quite often, sales representatives and other front-line employees do not understand the demographic research driving your exposure decisions.
When generating copy for your marking plan, the Promotion Section is the most subjective. There are many specialists that can assist with building the necessary collateral material to promote your product(s) or service(s). Try to create a detailed breakdown of the different types your organization plans to use. Make sure to include information regarding print ads in industry publications, magazines and trade journals. Also, discuss handouts, event sponsorship, charitable activities, tri-folds, commercials etc. 
If you focus on the four key topics, product, production, placement and promotion, your marketing plan will have all the ingredients to guide your marketing team in the right direction.