Growing a Global Sales & Marketing Force

Desperate economic times call for desperate measures. Keep sales up by keeping your staff numbers down. Here's how.


Business Facts
In 2000, there were 100 million daily Google searches; today, it’s 2 billion a day.
Swoop in and get that sale!
Win more business!
Communication with customers is more than a monetary transaction.
Here are the rules for referrals.
Before you get creative, learn the foundation.

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Be efficient and proactive.

If it were easy, everyone would do it.

Like it or not, what your customers think and feel matters. Don't get left behind.

Like a friendship, your relationship with your customers should be built on trust.

All sales grow from the same roots.

Your business depends on them. Make sure you’re treating them right.

The monster in your closet wasn’t scary when you discovered he was just a pile of old clothes.

Don’t let them cross the line.

How to take out two birds with one stone.

This is the mechanism that puts the law of large numbers in motion.

It can be the best job ever.

Always remember that people want to buy—they just don’t want to be sold.

Don’t let your customers’ behavior surprise you.

Everyone has a niche. What’s yours?

The best way to learn is to organize and teach one yourself.

How to load the envelope until it bursts open with results.

Don't be aggressive.

It’s called “The Demon” for a reason. Knowing how to defeat it is the key.

Avoid this reaction!

Convincing someone to buy your product is the hardest thing to do in business.

Like a friendship, your relationship with your customers should be built on trust.

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