Examples of Marketing Strategies

Different companies have different techniques for marketing their products and services. Here’s your first lesson: the technique doesn’t really matter.


Business Facts
Fortune cookies were invented in America in 1918, by Charles Jung.
Tighten up your performance.
Google & Yahoo & Bing. Oh, my!
And we mean EVERYTHING.
Keep a clear view.
Modern times call for modern measures.
Like two peas in a pod, these two have always been together. Ever wonder why?

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The worst opportunity is a missed opportunity.

Sometimes, lines are good.

Appeal to the masses.

Another way to reach them.

These low-cost, but highly effective, marketing tips will help you find customers and generate sales quickly.

Show your brand right.

Become your own customer!

Show your brand right.

With good news comes bad.

Magnify your business.

Here are a few interesting ways to market your business.

See your business’ future.

Effective written communication.

Guide your business.

B2C for your B&B!

Don’t drive your business in circles by lacking this vital organizational tool.

Sell your ideas first.

Sell less to make more.

No more sandwich boards!

Don't neglect this impactful tactic.

Reach millions today!

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