A BUSINESSPERSON SHOULD be able to keep track of the progress of their business so that they can determine what they need to change or improve about it.  They do this by having a survey of the customers that have received their services.  These customers give testimonials that serve as eye-openers and/or endorsements to every businessperson who has a desire to move forward in their professional life. 

Customers are the greatest determinants to any business’ progress and their response to how the business is run is very important.  If there exists a testimonial of a certain customer that was there previously, the businessperson can share it with another customer in a bid to get his business, too.  In the case of using the Internet, there are response bars that are visible after the advertisement and information of a certain good or service.  When you think that the testimonials you have received are enough, using them to improve yourself is highly recommended.

As a marketing strategy, using previously gathered testimonials on other customers is the best chance one has to get a steady flow of market.  This can be done on the businessperson’s website or through any networking or connection sites that the businessperson is a member of.  The testimonials gathered help the prospective customers make a decision as to why they should use those products or services.

The testimonials gathered should serve their purpose in catching a customer’s eye and providing specifics about how the businessperson or company exceeded expectations.  If there is an advertisement regarding hair products, the testimonial that follows should be about the hair product and nothing else. Therefore, the customer testimonials should serve to attract another customer to the products of the business.

If a product served a customer well and they liked it, they are likely to leave positive remarks about it.  It is always wise that you acknowledge customers’ comments and thank them for taking the time to do so.  The customer feels justified to ask more questions or make more comments about it or about another product or service that they would like to use.  It paints a positive image of the businessperson who acknowledges their customers after the deal has been done.

It is not easy to get testimonials from customers as most of them are usually in a rush to purchase whatever they want and continue with their lives.  Inventing easier methods that can be used by the customers to give the chance to leave testimonials is highly advisable. The bottom line is that if you feel as though you’ve done a good job, don’t be afraid to ask for a testimonial.