PUBLIC SPEAKING is a skill everyone in business should possess. This is because even if it is just once in your life, you might be required to speak to a gathering of people. Additionally, with as many people in the world who claim to have a paralyzing fear of public speaking, if you can become a pro at it, you’ll add significant value to your marketability. 

Before we look at the aspects of good public speaking, it is important to remember that above all, confidence is the key element. You may forget everything else about public speaking, but without confidence, you will not be able to do anything significant. Having enough confidence, on the other hand, can ensure that you keep in mind all other aspects required when speaking publicly.

To some individuals, public speaking comes naturally. This has something to do with the key element we have mentioned in the first paragraph. These individuals usually have a mountain of confidence. For those who are not so comfortable with speaking publicly, the first thing they should do is gain confidence in themselves. This is something the individual has to cultivate on their own because confidence comes from within. Another way to gain confidence to speak publicly can be by practicing what you will say so that you’ll know what to say before you say it. When you have what you are going to say locked down and memorized, you can be more confident as you can be sure you won’t look like a complete idiot in front of everybody. This is the main fear people have about speaking publicly: embarrassment. When you are afraid you will embarrass yourself, you will obviously feel extremely unconfident.

Now that it’s clear how to and how not to muster confidence, let’s move on to other aspects. To be a great public speaker, your audience must hear you. It is useless to gain all that confidence which will enable you to address a multitude when you cannot simply be heard. Voice projection is, therefore, a key aspect of public speaking. In order to be heard clearly, you need to project your voice adequately. This is something that is not too difficult to master and can be achieved through a bit of practice.

The tips above are all great for public speaking; however, no matter how confident you are or how well you project your voice, if you don’t talk about something the audience is interested in hearing, you might as well have been unconfident and inaudible in the first place. Public speaking is not only about proving that you can speak in front if a crowd. You must have something meaningful to say.