FOR ANY TROUBLED BUSINESS to see the light at the end of the tunnel, many factors need to be put together.  One of the factors is a good sales team; one ready to work tirelessly to achieve maximum profits. This team needs to be well-equipped with the latest marketing strategies. This will ensure attraction of customers.
In order to have a good sales team, you should ensure they get the best training available. You can organize a sales seminar to highlight the latest marketing strategies and trends. You should be prepared with the resources needed to run this seminar well, know the time you need, and the topics to cover.
The success of organizing a sales seminar primarily depends on how organized the person who will be conducting the seminar is. It is advisable for one to be flexible on the needs of the group. Be ready to hear the group’s part of the story.  At the beginning, the main speaker should clearly state his objectives. The speaker should also give the group the chance to speak about their desires, objectives, successes and failures. This will help in creating a rapport between the speaker and the audience. As a speaker, one should be able to adjust his objectives depending on the other things the members of the group attending the seminar have highlighted.
Successful sales training should create a positive understanding between the speaker and the sales group he is addressing.  It is good for the speaker to give a listening ear to the group in order to hear their views and help them understand each other. A good speaker should ensure that, from the start, there is good communication between him and the members, and between the members themselves. He should create the sharing atmosphere. The speaker should be the chief controller of the group. This will ensure equality in that no one intimidates other members in the group.
It is good for the speaker to be honest and open. Being open minded is the key to unlocking the ideas of the group to whom you are lecturing. Giving others the chance to share their ideas is advisable for the training to be a success. Allow the group members to challenge you so that you can equally learn from them and expand your knowledge for subsequent seminars. Also, group members’ ideas and experiences can open up discussion. The discussion will lay a good platform for learning.
Proper planning is essential to accomplish your goal of organizing a successful sales seminar. To stand out in a group of people selling same goods in the same place is something which needs dedication. By attending a sales seminar, one can be well equipped with information, get new prospects, and learn better ways to sell.
My advice, if you’re an upper manager with years of sales experience, is to have a junior executive teach your internal sales seminar. In fact, make it a once-a-month thing and have a new salesperson teach it every time. The salesperson teaching will become more familiar with the sales techniques, as he’s on the spot and in the limelight, and it will also foster a team-oriented environment--one built on information-sharing and collective victory.