image 1.  Preparation – Prepare yourself; have a comprehensive knowledge of your products and/or services, and whom you represent. If you have to, get out of your chair and walk around. “MOTION MAKES EMOTION.”  Do what you need to do to get you head in the right place.

2.  Introduction – You only have one ‘first impression,’ so make it count. Capture their attention right out of the gate by knowing all of your key phrases explaining and positioning yourself and also your purpose for the call. Do your best not to sound like a ‘robot.’ Establish your own personality on the phone and make the script that you’re given your own. Also, have enthusiasm and energy in your voice! Make a couple jokes to lighten the mood (depending on the seriousness of the call).
3.  Questioning – Help them understand the reason for your call; assist and enable rather than assume, sell and push. Also, try to have answers to their questions and have a rebuttal for each of them.
4.  Listen and interpret – There’s a reason why you have two ears and one mouth. Listen to their needs and requirements before you just have diarrhea of the mouth and lose their attention all together. You might be able to read them well enough, at this point, to close the deal.
5.  Inform and educate - Don’t try to ‘sell’ them right away. Let them sell themselves; convince them that using your product or services would be a great business decision. People typically don’t appreciate a pushy sales person.
6.  Involve and coordinate - Let them know and reassure them that the transition will be effortless, and that you’ll walk them through the whole process. Also, that if they have any questions throughout the process, you’ll be there to guide them; people like to be reassured--like a guarantee on a box.
7.  Keep In Touch - It can show your new customer a great deal of professionalism if you do a simple follow-up call. Just to simply let them know that you value their business and you haven’t forgotten about them. Make sure all of their needs are being fulfilled; answer questions or concerns that they may have regarding the sale.