ONE OF THE MOST important factors that determine your business success is the ability to communicate effectively with your customers.  The importance of business writing reveals itself in this way.  Knowing how to write concisely and clearly gives your business a competitive edge over the others offering similar services or products.
Being able to express your business’ ideas on paper is very important, not only for established businesses, but also for startups.  This is because you can express yourself to organizations that can offer funding to your business ideas.  This is only possible if you are able to communicate effectively in writing.  Although some people may ignore the importance of business writing skills, their worth is invaluable.
The basic important points include the following:
  • Regardless of your position, you will need to write emails.  This may include emails to customers, peers or superiors.  You could also engage in specific business writing concerning projects.  Such messages need to be precise in order to relay the desired and accurate message.  Most employees are typically busy and writing a message that is easily understood will save everyone time.
  • Good writing skills also gives businesses credibility.  This is because they reflect transparency via communication.  This gives not just the writer, but also the company a positive image.
  • Good business writing skills are important for copywriters.  These professionals create newspapers, magazines, and Internet site pages.  To purchase readers to buy products, they need to have good writing skills.  For instance, with good business writing skills, the writer will be able to create headlines that will grab the reader's attention.  Brochures and many other advertising materials have to be written in an effective manner to attract readers.
  • A human resource manager should also have excellent business writing skills.  This will enable him or her to attract and select the best employees for the company.  When placing a job ad in a newspaper, it has to be written in a way that makes it appealing to the reader.  This is the role of the human resource manager and the communications manager.  They have to use their business writing skills to ensure that job specifications are written properly.
  • Even when writing reports and presentations, business writing skills play an important role because a professional has to know how to combine visual aids, sales materials and texts to come up with a comprehensive message.  This should also be written in an informative way that each employee will understand.
  • Today, emails are replacing telephones, especially when documentation or a paper trail is needed.  These emails are popular even on the international platforms.  Therefore, a company needs to have employees who can write quality emails which can be used on international platforms.
In this kind of business setup, employees need to not only know how to write, but write effectively and professionally.  The importance of business writing skills is also seen when employees write under pressure.  This is very important as it keeps employees from conveying their emotions to the recipient.