THERE ARE various ingredients to a good business brand.  Quality is one of the main ingredients.  The products and services you are offering must meet the expectations of the consumers.  They must be well delivered and in a consistent way.  That is to mean that all the products and services that your company offers should be of high quality.  Research has shown that brands with high quality products enjoy a large market share than those offering products that are inferior in terms of quality. 

Positioning is another ingredient.  Most brands usually target a certain position in the market; that is to be the market leader in business they are doing.  Strong brands have to occupy the best position in the market. Positioning is achieved by several means such as a good brand name, service and product standards, and warranties of products.  Packaging and delivery of the products and services also go a long way in positioning a brand in the consumers’ minds.

Building a good brand also includes repositioning.  This is because consumers keep changing tastes and therefore the business must adjust itself so as to continue being relevant in the market.  A brand may be surpassed by technology and time.  For example, companies that provided analog communication services have had to adjust due to the advancement in technology to digital services.

It takes good communication to build a good and successful brand.  The products need to be promoted in order to sustain perceptions on the customer.  The hardest thing is to build awareness of the products and later build up the personality of the brand and reinforce it to the customers.

Be the first-mover.  Create a defined position in the customers’ minds because sooner or later, competition will hit the market.  Being a leader puts you at an advantage.  Brands such as Coca-Cola have dominated the market in sale of soft drinks.  It does not mean, however, that being the first guarantees that you will continue to dominate the market.  This is because competitors never stop strategizing on how they will become the market leader.

Building a brand takes time and therefore business owners should be ready to invest in the long-term life of businesses.  It takes time to build awareness among consumers.  People will also take time before they can begin to trust in your brand. If the business owner is consistent, the customers will be loyal to them.  The management of a business must be ready to invest in the brand so as to gain profits later.

Brands should be marketed both internally and externally.  All the people in the business should understand the values of the brand and its positioning.  When the employees understand the value of the brand, they are likely to personally endorse it as well.  Invest in the money to be used in training the staff.  Quality services will be given which help in building the business brand.