STRATEGIC MARKETING TECHNIQUES are something that every business is always looking for.  The key is that it has to be right for your company.  What works for some, might not work for others; as such, this is a decision that requires thought on your part. It’s not always easy to discern this and sometimes, it takes intricate planning, evaluation and review of different ideas.  

Fortunately, thorough research has been conducted and there are some tested ideas that you can use.  One of the most important rules of marketing is to pick the right media.  This is a powerful one but it is the least chosen.  TV and other broadcast media are very costly.  Small businesses can benefit from strategic marketing as well.
  1. You should associate yourself with the community.  You have to market your business in a way that involves the people around you.  It’s easy and affordable; for casual charity events, you can print t-shirts.  These t-shirts can carry adverts of your products or slogans and logos of your business, along with information about the charity organization you’ve partnered with.  This gives you a chance to show the community that you are a part of it. For more formal events, you can have custom wine bottle labels printed or, depending on your budget, custom wine glasses made with your logo etched into them for use at the event.
  2. You can publish literature in the form of handouts, tri-folds, postcard mailers, etc., and give them out at the mall, colleges, professional networking events, or even in traffic.  This will get you to other markets that you otherwise couldn’t reach.  The people driving along the high traffic areas are not busy and will gladly read the literature as they wait for the traffic to ease.  You can utilize the internet as well.  You can send press releases or newsletters to existing and potential clients.  This should be preceded by collecting info and building a pre-qualified database first.  The newsletter should be informative and feature news about the latest promotions.  This will make the readers anxious to know what you have in store for them.  You should be timely and consistent with the newsletter.
  3. You can write informative topical articles and post them on your website.  The consumers can comment on them and give you a platform from which you can derive feedback.  You can post the articles on other websites as well.  Many internet users have to keep up with the flow of information from online sources. They typically don’t bother with other types of media.  The internet is the most accessible tool today and with the emergence of smart phones, one can get all the required information quickly and easily.   
  4. Set up a website!  If you haven’t already, I highly suggest that you make this your very top priority. Aside from getting you caught up with the rest of the world, it will act as a place where everyone can read and learn all about your company.  It is one of the best ways to ensure that you do not get left out.  Even small businesses can afford it as well.