WITH THE CHANGING economic climate, businesses are looking for methods that will increase the sales of the business while reducing marketing cost.  There is a wide variety of strategies which are being applied to accomplish this task.  Guerrilla marketing has, of late, proven a suitable option for small businesses, but even large companies have also begun to use them to connect with the younger, more strivingly independent generation.  Guerrilla marketing is marketing that is presented in an unconventional and usually surprising way. In case you aren’t sure whether guerrilla marketing is suitable for your business, keep reading here for more insight and tips.

If you are operating on shoe-string budget, guerrilla marketing techniques can work well for you. Little resources are required to acquire the competitive advantage with large companies.  It is just like in “guerrilla warfare,” where small groups of Soldiers combat larger forces using indirect tactics in order to escape its power.  Guerrilla marketing also approaches the market from grassroots.  Small and quick marketing tactics are applied, instead of the costly contemporary marketing strategies that require investments of large sums of money.

The techniques are effective in gaining new clients and several strategies applied in guerrilla marketing have proven highly effective when it comes to gaining new clients for your business.  Examples of these techniques include referral, word of mouth, posters and testimonials.  This has made even large multinational companies start using these strategies in a bid to maximize profits while lowering expenses.

Sales rise quickly since many of these strategies aim for a targeted demographic.  Sometimes, conventional advertising fails to reach its intended audience since it may not stress on the importance of the product. The guerrilla marketing involves direct marketing methods such as mailing the clients and writing blog posts that educate the clients on importance of the product or service.

Some of these guerrilla marketing methods involve direct contact with the customers, thereby allowing them to have experience of the service or product you are offering at no cost. This direct contact with the customers helps to gain new customers more easily than conventional methods that do not involve close contact with the primary consumers.

The marketing strategy allows one to network with businesses and customers.  This way, you will make plenty of new allies and friends that are essential in the development of your business. What makes these deals even more attractive is the fact that some of the methods are inexpensive or even free to implement.  The clients acquired will be 100% profit since there will be no expenses incurred to acquire them.

The guerrilla marketing methodology is tailored to suit the needs of small businesses.  Many contemporary advertising methods are costly, especially to small businesses that cannot afford the millions that impactful advertising costs.

Aside from effective, Guerrilla marketing methods can also be fun. After all, the root of marketing is attracting attention.  The techniques used are all simple and straightforward, unlike the elaborate and complicated techniques of modern marketing.  In fact, some of these methods, such as testimonials, require no skill or effort to acquire them.  In addition, nothing can beat free marketing since you just need to convince a satisfied customer to leave a testimonial, preferably on your website or billboard at your office.