PRODUCT ARRANGEMENT is a factor considered by shoppers while purchasing. A person only buys an item if it appeals to him or her. According to a survey, about 85% of shoppers buy items that please them while on the display. This survey was conducted by Color Marketing Group. There are also various professional agencies which manufacture items with different decorations. Fascinating colors sway many customers to purchase specific merchandise.

Customers come across various colors which influence their buying behaviors. Generally, colors result into generation of different emotions. This has made many retailers sell items of various colors to meet customers’ needs. Retail design consultants have also been compelling people to purchase with unique colors. This article primarily focuses on how decorating influences shoppers.
  • Shoppers do not pick just any item. The color might be for remembrance or a certain story. Some pick certain colors to represent a theme. The color may represent a certain feature; for instance, the beach. Shoppers also purchase specific decorations to stand for current weather conditions, like sunshine. Such decorations make shoppers explore regions with utmost relaxation. Of late, shoppers can consult color psychologists to determine the types of items to purchase. A good example is blue decoration which matches with water. These colors are used to decorate commodities.
  • Decorating makes the customers more calm and comfortable. Brown as well as orange colors are breathtaking to many shoppers. They feel reassuring as well as inviting. Colors such as blue generate calming effect to the shoppers. Green has also the same effect to customers. Many shoppers purchase orange colors since they are exciting.
  • Decorations also alert shoppers on new products and services on sale. Bright colors are good examples. Yellow colors also attract shoppers’ attention. Such items also have charming complexion. Some of these colors, for example yellow, are eye-catching since the eye can easily perceive them. Can you recall the traffic signals? Red colors are more eye-catching and are, therefore, preferred by many shoppers. Too many decorations can annoy shoppers and reduce level of purchase. Mixtures of many colors are also not captivating.
  • Brand recognition is built by using decorations. Professionals agree that colors are essential in elevating brand recognition. This may, in turn, result into exponential growth of the business. Color psychologists also say that businesses can only be successful by offering commodities of various colors. Companies also use colors to decorate their logos. Shoppers can easily identify such companies.
  • Items displayed attractively speak for themselves. However, as an entrepreneur, you should not add lots of colors to the item. Bold colors are perfect for items such as lingerie. Such colors also experience the quality of products. Bright colors are preferred by shoppers who majorly purchase electronics. Most of the electronics have flashy colors. These colors have clean sleek look. This is why they are highly demanded in the market.
In conclusion, colors do not only increase levels of purchase but also make the entrepreneur build a strong marketing base. Decorations add taste in whatever you are selling. So, you need to be very wise in choosing the perfect decorations.