MARKETING IS A CRUCIAL aspect of all kinds if businesses.  It is through marketing that businesses shake off their direct competition.  Marketing is a medium of communication between the seller and the buyer of products and services in which the seller convinces the buyer why their products are better for them than the products of their competition.  Businesses have been advertising their products and services since the beginning of time.  In the past, the media of marketing that have been most commonly used have been radio, TV and print media advertising.  Print media today, however, are filled with ads, which reduce their effectiveness.

The Problem

The people who are the targets of these ads have become used to them so much that they don’t pay much attention to them anymore—if you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all.  Marketers have to make use of tricks to capture the attention of the customers. These traditional forms of advertising are not very effective, yet the advertiser has to pay for them whether or not they accomplished what they were intended to do.  This is expensive and there is no way of gauging the return on the investments (ROI) made in this way.  Traditional marketing methods are being replaced with newer and better advertising methods that are being invented every day.

The Solution

What comes to mind to most people, when “digital marketing” is mentioned, is advertising through the Internet, using a computer.  However, any electronic device can be used for digital marketing.  Marketing messages are mainly delivered by way of cell phones, e-mail and the Internet.  There are several advantages that the marketer can realize from the use of digital marketing.  The messages are delivered almost instantly and one can easily determine how effective the marketing campaign is.  This mode of marketing is targeted on the people for whom it is intended.  
The advantages of digital advertising are causing its popularity to grow.  It is a flexible form of advertising that can be used to suit various marketing needs.  The use of sophisticated tools of analysis lets the marketer know how to determine the effectiveness of the marketing campaign. Ads should be relevant and interesting to the targeted market.  Avoid the use of false hooks or empty promises in the ads as they will backfire on you and you will probably be reported as ‘spam’ and blocked from sending any more ads to people.  Do not, for example, offer free gifts that turn out later not to be so.  What you contain in your website is of great importance as well. The site itself should be easy to navigate. It doesn’t matter how much money you use in the designing of the website if it doesn’t contain quality materials that are of interest to the customers.