INITIATING AND UPHOLDING workplace positivity is usually left up to managers and those in positions of leadership as they are the ones responsible for the behavior and performance of the employees.  This is usually directly related to the rules and regulations set down by the organization and how the rules are presented and enforced to the employees.

If those working at the organization exude a positive energy, then chances are, they will pass on the same to the customers.  This will work toward the business’ goal of selling more products as happy customers buy more products and return to purchase again more frequently. This then increases the chance of a guaranteed clientele and the profits reaped from the organization are much more than they would be if the service wasn’t as good and the customers didn’t feel content with it.  As such, positivity in the workplace makes it much easier to rake in more profits.  A smile, in essence, is equal to a rise in the economy.

The positive attitudes of the individuals in the workplace are also a guarantee that the effects of the organization will be used for their purpose and to achieve most output.  This is due to the respect that the employees are shown and thus pass on to everyone and everything around them.  

It’s not uncommon that more than one company can break into the same market and flood the market with similar material. Often, when employees’ opinions are valued and they are asked for ideas that can make the company grow larger and stand out, they feel needed and, thus, a valuable part of a team.  Positivity in the workplace then plays a role here as the employees are not quick to ditch their company and join a rival one at the opportunity of a slightly higher income.

Managers or executives should maintain positivity in the workplace by organizing events like sports days, camping tours, casual Fridays (or Mondays!), or selected fun days that these employees get to bond and know each other much better.  They then build a solid foundation and with this, they are able to forge a strong workforce.  With this kind of familiarity, the employees are also able to adapt to changes that might occur in the organization.  They work in accordance with what is required of them and this, in turn, brings out the best of an organization.

It’s no secret that a person who is happy, content and motivated will do everything asked of them in the best way possible.  If there is positivity that has been practiced in the workplace, the employees produce quality work that is up to par with what is required of them.  This is a very positive thing as it comes in handy in the event of a competition against another organization. The company that encourages positivity is likely to emerge as the winner.