HAVE YOU got a new job in a company?  Congratulations! However, the big task has only just begun.  Now, you have to look for ways through which you can rise through the ranks.  Whether this is your first job or you have worked in different companies already, you still need to look for ways to maneuver your way up the leadership ladder.  Depending on how you carry yourself at your new job, you may rise through the ranks or remain stagnant in the position you are at currently.

If you want to be on the fast-track up the ranks of the company, you need to be savvy.  One of the toughest things you will face is making it through the ranks of a company.  There are a number of tips that will assist you in achieving this.  The first thing is to be early from the very first day.  You need to bear in mind that your evaluation will start from day one.  This is reason enough why you need to be early on day one.  You will be at a better chance to get promotions if you show you can be early to work.

It is good to be friendly and positive if you want to fast-track up the ranks of the company.  It is good to create respectful friendships with bosses and your fellow employees.  If possible, you can invite them for lunch.  Many may see this as a way of brown-nosing to get promoted, but it is not true.  You need to not only get acquainted to your bosses, but also other employees.  These people may be your peers, but will also play a crucial role in your promotion potential in the company.

Being humble is something that you need to be at all times.  Even if you are not a fan of politics, it is beneficial to play out-of-office politics.  I’ve found the most success by being political by not being political. All that really means is to be political with strategy. If you think there is any person who wants the same position you are eyeing, it is beneficial to get to know the person.  If you face them and sell yourself, they will come to respect and like you.  This is a great way of having your name known in the company.

Another way to pass through the ranks in a company is to find your pace.  Many new employees make a mistake of over-performing on the first few days.  If you start at a high pace, you are likely to burn out soon, thus displaying a decline in your performance.  It is good to take things slowly but attentively at first so that you are not worn out.  It is advisable not to pretend to be something you are not.  Be natural and don’t go on bragging about how great you are.  This is something that will kill you professionally.  You may think it is strength, but in real sense it is a weakness.  It is beneficial to learn before you let things out.

The bottom line is that when people like you, you will get promoted. Be respectful and courteous to everyone. Offer your peers help or advice without being preachy. When they do a good job, say so, but make a mental note what they did correctly so that you can emulate their performance in the future. Don’t be competitive with people in your own office, it will just annoy everyone.