THE CUSTOMERS OF A BUSINESS are what the business is really about.  In as much as it is important to put the focus on services and merchandise produced by your corporation, it is also essential to think about your customers and what they have to offer.  The following are some important customer service tips to keep your customers coming back:

Train the staff

Customer service is offered by people; hence, you will need to ensure that your staff is well trained and able to serve your customers adequately.  If you don’t provide adequate training to the staff, it will show in the service rendered.  The quality of the customer service cannot exceed that of the providers.  Give attractive benefits and attractive wages that will keep your staff motivated to keep working more.

Treat the staff well

Understand that the staff adopts their cues from the management.  If you normally mistreat the staff, they are likely to pass the fury to the customers.  You can fire members of your staff all day long, but if your attitude is the problem, your line of disgruntled staff members will never end. The management should treat the employees with warmth and enthusiasm, which is in turn passed to the customers.  Greet the staff politely, listen when they are addressing you, and maintain an open-door policy. A consistently unfriendly group of employees is indicative of poor employee management.

Identify your customers

Knowing your customers is important as it makes them feel comfortable, welcome and important to your business.  Try to memorize faces and learn their names since addressing them in a personal way will make them feel more comfortable. The act of recognizing lost clients can help in bringing them back to your business since it shows them that they are important and missed.

Management recognition

A visible and easily accessible management is an important asset to the business.  Both the manager and assistant manager should be easily accessible and recognizable to the customer.  Organizations where customers can easily access the management tend to retain customers since the complaints are directly addressed and improved.  

Greet customers when they come in

Establish a habit of greeting customers when they enter your shop or office.  This is a sign of courtesy and recognition of the customer’s presence.  Thank the customers when they are leaving for having paid a visit to the business.  Appreciating the customers can make them keep coming back.

Let your customers have the benefit of doubt

It’s not worth losing a customer by trying to convince them that they are wrong.  It’s difficult to win such debates with customers and even if you win the debate, you will probably lose the customer - which is exactly what you don’t want.