THE WORLD HAS recently seen the rise of hacking cases that have both invaded people’s privacy and stolen their identity.  These cases have resulted in people shutting down their electronic accounts and losing a lot of accommodations and time with such instances making them reluctant to shop or hold a membership online.

Privacy and security should be taken into account by every business owner who has his customers’ best interests at heart.  There are a few ways this can happen; the first step you can take is by getting an SSL certificate that helps to protect information that might have been considered sensitive so that no transmission of the information should happen.  This certificate should dictate the privacy of whatever statement is being passed on unless the customer chooses to release the information on their own.  This decision is then left up to the customer.

The SSL certificate makes it much easier to protect online information; this happens when one types ‘https’ instead of ‘http’ at the beginning of a website URL (www.expertbusiness…).  When this happens, the encryption is shown, the privacy is restored, and all information that is considered sensitive is put here so that no one can be able to access it.

With information as sensitive as that of a credit or debit card, it is vital not to store it. The credit card is able to be used and charged without the server placing this information in the archives.  There are online websites that access credit cards and the customer’s information is kept private when they use applications like  The only things stored are the numbers of transaction which are later reviewed and captured.  The reason for this is so as to prevent the customer from losing their money as these numbers can be used to make transactions that are unwarranted.

Having the opportunity to protect your customers, even online, is the best way to ensure that every transaction made is genuine and legal.  There is also the chance that people might impersonate others simply by using their names.  You should, therefore, safely protect any information that includes the names of the customers and also their addresses.  This is a measure against identity theft that makes it possible for everyone to live their lives without the possibility that one might be left with nothing due to theft.

It is very important that multiple employees of the business are not allowed to access information that pertains to customers’ privacy.  It is imperative that this information is kept between the employee helping the customer and the customer in order to maintain the security required of the transaction.