REPORTEDLY, the majority of work-related spinal injuries can be prevented simply by where you spend your time during the workday.  The general body posture while working contributes a lot to how healthy or comfortable you will be.  Practicing the right workplace ergonomics can be quite instrumental in enhancing the general body health, while at the same time, reducing cases of back pain and physical stress.  It is important to have your workplace ergonomics arranged to suit your needs as such will:
  • Help reduce and prevent workplace-related physical stress, thereby enhancing the general working environment.  With fewer accidents and the general improvement of workers’ health, productivity will be enhanced.  Statistically, the highest number of workplace-related injuries are associated with accidental falls, repetitive poor body postures, and unhealthy body movements.
  • Encourage healthy working.  Working in a health-conscious environment can significantly boost the overall performance of a workplace.  This is especially true as the lesser the accidents or injuries, the lesser the amount of time off employees have to take to get medical attention and, thus, the more productive the workplace is expected to be.
Personal comfort and proper ergonomics in the workplace can be instrumental in enhancing success.  Here are several tips to help you enhance your workplace comfort and ergonomics, especially if much of your work involves sitting in front of a computer.
  • Consider getting an ergonomically-correct desk.  Basically, an ergonomically-correct desk is the kind that is designed to suit a user's preferences and needs, including their height and natural body positioning.  Such will usually be adjustable to allow users to suit their needs for personal comfort.  For instance, an ergonomically-correct desk can be adjusted to the point that the computer screen, mouse, keyboard and all the essential computer components are at the most convenient reach of users to avoid arm and eye fatigue during repetitive use.
  • Apart from the desk, the chair is another thing that must be designed in such a way to ensure the user's comfort.  To ensure that your employees get the best chairs for proper and comfortable seating, it is important to take into consideration the needs of each specific employee before purchasing the office furniture.
  • Workplace lighting is another important aspect to take into consideration when designing your office.  The lighting should be bright enough, but not glaring, and not too dim to strain the eyes.  The best lighting should provide enough light to comfortably accommodate employees' needs.  Therefore, the room or general working area should be properly illuminated and the computer light or brightness should be adjusted to what suits best for the user.
  • Maintain proper body postures at all times.  Ensure that the body is properly aligned when sitting, walking, lifting or doing anything else.  You can consider using supportive ergonomics props to help you avoid straining and loading the spine.  Some of the supportive props you can get include lumbar back supports, foot and arm rests, pillows or towels, etc.