ONE IMPORTANT step to starting a business that requires a lot of time and research is planning.  This is because effective planning by writing a business plan will be a determining factor on whether a business will be a success or a failure.  A business plan can also be effective for enticing investors or getting a loan for those who are starting a business.  This is because investors like to invest in businesses that have benefits in the future as well as those whose ideas are feasible.  Some considerations that one should make when writing a business plan include:


Before writing a business plan, an individual needs to write an outline of what they want to include in their plan.  This will ensure that all components have been put into consideration and that they are as detailed as possible.  However, an individual needs to be careful that they have too many details as this may shift their focus from their overall goal.  Also included should be an executive summary that is a summary of all details that are in it, plus a section that has been specifically dedicated to employees and management.


A business is mainly aimed at selling products that a consumer wants.  They can therefore be of help when one needs information about their needs so that they can be able to find out more about the market as well as decide on a product that will make profits.  This will also help a business owner in attracting potential investors as they can be able to prove that they indeed understand their customers and their needs.  Customers can be able to provide a wealth of information that can be used to write a good business plan, and they should be used as much as possible.


Although all business owners or those who are planning on starting want to be better than their competitors, they also need to understand that they can be able to learn a great deal form them.  One can be able to get creative ideas on financial plans and marketing strategies from their competitors, which they can use to their benefit.  Learning how a competitor runs their business can also help an individual in organization and running strategies of their own businesses.

Be Realistic

When an individual plans on starting a business, they usually want to make their goal and financial plans impressive, although this can sometimes lead them to make exaggerations.  This will not help in enticing investors, but driving them away as they are able to tell if an idea is realistic or not.  One needs to point out their goals in a positive tone and try to maintain reality in their ideas.  An individual also needs to understand that a financial section is not to prove that a business can be lucrative, but to show an understanding of the market, plus how well an individual has made future preparations.

Different Perspectives

One needs to look at their business plan from various angles so that they can judge how it will appear to investors and to them five years later.