The Purpose of an Executive Board

An executive board makes key decisions on behalf of the company and for the company’s long-term well-being.


Business Facts
Only 3 percent of companies with 1,000 or more employees conduct no background screening during the hiring process.
When people talk, you win!
The biz plan is vital!
You want these done right.
Build success from day one.
Protect your intellectual property right.
Can you grow a business to success?

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If no one’s there to buy, you won’t be selling anything.

If you own a growing business, this is vital.

Don't get too far out over your skis.

If no one searches for your business or business’ name, how will they find your website?

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Think unlimited distribution.

While many know the concept, few understand the holistic application.

Give this the attention it deserves.

Tips to avoid collapse.

Don't neglect this important facet of starting a business.

Determine your own future.

Organization works wonders.

Your business is like your baby.

Learn business basics!

Keep a positive attitude.

Every entrepreneur’s first question.

Tips to avoid collapse.

No more wheel-spinning!

Jumping ship will only cause your career to sink.

Respect the chair.

Don't forget these important steps.

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