THE FUTURE of any business is predominantly dictated by the ability of the business owner to find the most valuable customers for his or her business.  It’s not enough to find such a customer, but of more importance is making sure that you keep and protect him or her from other competitors.  There is still a little debate in regard to who really qualifies to have the title of the “most valuable customer”.  There are various criteria used for this.

One of the standards used in finding the most valuable customers for your business involves looking for those who love the products or services offered by your business.  Who needs it the most? The most valuable customer is defined by other businesses as the one who loves the level of services offered and wouldn’t hesitate to compliment or even pat you on the back.  The third group is those who define such a customer as the one who leaves your business disenchanted or unhappy.

The disenchanted customer makes up the list as the most valuable customer for your business simply based on his or her ability to tell you where the problem lies or tell everyone else not to purchase your products or services.  They are valuable because they need to be focused on. The major challenge lies in finding the most valuable customers for your business, those who tell you that the problems are.  It is only in identifying and resolving problem areas that a business has the chance of enjoying even more growth and high levels of success.  The owner has to be proactive in seeking him or her out.

Whereas it is acknowledged that a business can never fully satisfy all of its customers, and that there will always be the occasional few who raise all manner of complains against it, the key is in finding the most valuable customers for your business from this lot.  There are customers who will always complain simply for the sake of it, while there are those who will complain because they legitimately need to see an improvement in the level of business and services being extended to them.

Developing platforms for customer feedback as well as user surveys are just a few of the strategies that can be used in finding the most valuable customers for your business.  The owner can get the same information by asking the support team about any customers who consistently cause them trouble.  Get the contacts of such customers and meet with them.  During these meetings, it is important to have an open mind as some of the things you will be told may not be too pleasing.

Customers who are disenchanted are never likely to receive calls from the support or customer care team.  This means that only the owner or manager has the keys to finding the most valuable customers for the business.  The owner or manager is the one who should get in touch and engage with such clients.  The complaints of the customer should be acted upon promptly.  The business should work hard to make sure that all client expectations are upheld without fail.