HAVING A SUCCESSFUL business doesn’t only mean that you have the right amount of clients; it also means that you know the right hours to conduct business.  Not all businesses operate at the same time.  Most businesses operate from nine-to-five (or some close variation of that); then, there are those businesses, like tattoo parlors, pubs and gas stations, whose peak business hours are at night.  So the question begs, what criteria is used in establishing the best business hours for your business and how do you go about it?
  • You should first know your clients.  This helps you to know what they want and the times they are available.  Their availability should be in sync with your working hours.  You don’t want a scenario where you are open for business but the clients are not available and the times they are available you are not around.  This won’t work and you are setting yourself up for failure.
  • The kind of business you run should also be considered when establishing the best business hours for your business.  For instance, if you run a restaurant, then the best times to operate are mostly during mid-day/lunchtime and the evenings when people are preparing to eat dinner.  This will enable you to take deliveries and prepare the food to be cooked in the morning when no one wants lunch or dinner.
  • The location of the business is also a factor to be considered.  If the area you happen to set up your business is known for a high crime rate, then you might want to open shop during daylight for protection.  If, however, the area has sufficient security, then you can also opt for a business that has business operating hours around the clock.
  • The staff you hire to work for you is also a determining factor when it comes to establishing business hours for your business.  You might want to reconsider hiring people to work odd hours who have families and children who depend on them.  In some countries, this is against business hours ethics as consideration is required when it comes to it.  You can choose to hire those that have family responsibilities during the daytime working hours and then, if your business is open round-the-clock, you can make it possible to change shifts with those people who have fewer responsibilities.  
Finding a way of establishing the best business hours for your businesses is important as business hours play a key role in the convenience factor of customers being able to access your business. It all boils down to knowing your target market and when they want what you’re selling.