WITH THE CREATION of the Internet emerged an era of unimaginable growth.  There’s not a single doubt that the Internet has changed the rules that used to govern business strategy and competition.  So, what exactly are these rules and in which concept are they conveyed?
It is said that syndication is, so far, the best way to build a business in the Internet era.  It is easy as you get to be in the business of selling the same products to a wide range of clients who will in turn combine it with products from other businesspeople like yourself.  An example of businesses that have used this concept and have succeeded is television networks.  They are involved in the syndication of TV programs to other stations and it becomes a cycle of successful business.  So, had syndication not existed, the media business would be nearly as successful as it has become.
With the Internet era, it is a wonder that some businesses that operate via the Internet have survived without syndication.  Lack of assets that are fixed and the slow movement of information has created a barrier in the creation of a network that flows smoothly and fast.  But as time goes by, this new era will make e-businesses more flexible and also enable it to integrate freely into peoples’ daily lives.  As a result of this change, syndication will grow from a new concept to a normal one.  Most companies do not use the terminology syndication when they are describing their business but it is the backbone of their operations.  Below are a few of the reasons as to why syndication will be an automatic success when used in building a business in the Internet era:
  1. Physical items like a car can be sold to one person and it is impossible to sell the same thing to another person but due to the mere fact that information does not have an expiration date, countless people can use the same information over and over.
  1. Syndication provides room for flexibility.  Take, for example, the TV programs as they have been syndicated and several shows make this a program lineup to cater for the different shows that interest the different types of people watching.
  1. It also allows there to be an unlimited number when it comes to distribution.  You can distribute several different products/services to different people but it all goes out from one source.  You are also able to distribute the same products via different websites thanks to the availability of countless websites available.
Anyone looking from the outside would simply say that syndication is just the same as outsourcing as both have the strategic point of using other people in the supply of function or asset to a business.  But syndication has two characteristics that differ it from outsourcing.  They are:
  • Syndication does not deal with resources that are physical; rather, it uses information.
  • Internet syndication is capable of standardization and optimization.