ANY BUSINESS that wants to grow and become a leader in the corporate world must seek new and competitive talent entering the job market.  When fresh graduates and experienced workers come together, they are bound to take your business to greater heights.
However, for you to succeed in recruiting top talent for your new business you need to have programs that will attract them.  You also need to cultivate a culture that will attract new employees from the start.  If you have an existing company and want to start a new business or DBA under the same company, you must start by establishing a good culture.  This will make current employees want to continue working for you while at the same time, attracting new talents.
To develop such a culture, consider the following:
  • Your employees: Having the best employees work for you is one of the best ways of building a good corporate image.  Having a workplace that draws the best employees will help you a great deal in attracting top talent.  Thus, along with the current saturation of the job market, when you announce new positions, you will receive overwhelming applications.  This is because your company or business will always be highly respected.
  • Promote your best employees: Although you may not have top talent in every division of your business, you can maximize the best that you do have.  Many people would like to work with high ranking talented personnel.  Perhaps, this is due to the belief that they help in nurturing new, young talent.  Therefore, when you promote your current talent, it is more likely that you will get the best in the field that you are targeting.  Thus, you can benefit from the influence of your employees when recruiting top talent for your new business.
  • You also need to engage emotional intelligence in the hiring process: One of the mistakes that businesses make is letting someone else do the hiring for them.  As a business owner or senior manager, you shouldn’t have to disengage yourself in the hiring process. After all, it’s your business and you are the one who knows what talent is necessary for its proper operations.  Therefore, I would advise that you not let someone else do the hiring for you.  Make the choices yourself.
  • Be flexible: You could be looking for an employee with certain skills.  However, you may later realize that there are professionals with better competency out there.  Therefore, capitalize on experience and strengths when recruiting top talent for your new business.
  • You also need to consider the social and cognitive abilities of the person you hire.  These are very important abilities as they determine an individual's emotional intelligence.  Considering these abilities will help you determine if an individual can fit your organization or not.
Top talent may be hard to find for a new business because many people with such talents want to work for a popular and established company.  Nevertheless, putting together various aspects of your business can help you achieve what you want.