ALTHOUGH SOME businesses may not actively acknowledge the importance of diversity in the workplace, having a diverse workforce can be of great help to a business’ success.  By integrating employees with different expertise and cultural backgrounds, the company becomes holistically stronger in its activities.
As such, building a business with diversity should always be an integral part of your business plan.  While upholding that the most qualified person should always get the job, with diversity in a company, a business is bound to experience increased sales and improved production as all target markets can be represented by people who understand them.  Diversity is of great essence in today's world where businesses interact with different clients, all of whom have different social orientations.
Diversity in a business will have several benefits.  These include the following:
  • Increased productivity: When people with different cultural orientations and potentials come together, there is a trend in increased production.  Major companies of the world have achieved their high positions due to globalization and internationalization.  People from different parts of the world bring their skills together and work toward a common goal using these skills.  This results in increased productivity in the company.
  • Increased creativity: People from different places with different skills are in a better position to solve business problems.  This is because they bring different ideas together.  There is also an increase in the available ideas in a business with diversity.  With different backgrounds, many of these people are more likely to come up with a workable solution or insightful alternative. If your business is like a toolbox, a diverse workforce is like a wide range of tools, all created and designed to accomplish different tasks.
  • Different attitudes: When people from different cultures come together, they will bring in new and different perspectives to different business situations.  This implies that how a company's employees spend their time determines how much it achieves.  In other countries, people believe that when employees spend time building business relationships, they are likely to achieve more.
  • Language skills: Building a business with diversity brings people with different language and communication skills together.  When a company wants to explore different global markets, it has to consider hiring a workforce with different skills.  Language skills are some of these important skills.  For instance, when a business wants to sell its products in Asia, Latin America, or the European market, foreign expertise will be of great assistance.  When a business approaches people about its product in their language, it is more likely that they will buy the product.  Speaking to people in their language enables them not just to hear the words, but also understand the message.
  • Change: A business built with diversity will experience changes in the way it operates.  This is very important for any business that wants to grow.  New ideas from different people in a business will bring in new processes.  People with different backgrounds have different ways of doing things and different practices for approaching and addressing situations.  When these are brought together, they bring a comprehensive way of operating a business.
In a nutshell, building a business with diversity makes it more profitable and productive.  This diversity also brings in differences that have to be understood and embraced.  This is the only way these benefits will be realized.