MICRO FUNDING can be defined has raising funds from social media, as well as media websites, for a specific purpose. Actually, micro funding is a common practice nowadays. People and organizations prefer micro funding to direct donations. This may be due to viral involvement as well as peer pressure. Most people are also not willing to remove large-sum donations.

Such social media has teamed up with various social websites to make micro funding more effective. These sites are effective in attracting many people, including small donors. By attracting many small donors, it is possible to get lots of funds, unlike rallying behind a few large donors. These social medias include Twitter and YouTube. Currently, Facebook is also being used. There are also many blogs which are viable. Through the websites, ads are posted in which small donors can click and proceed with donations. The ads can be posted by any organization in need of micro funding. The ads are usually posted online and help is sought from small donators. By just posting your story online, the company will be in a good position to draw all the funds needed. Small donators can browse the website, read the entire story, and make donations.

Most people actually do not know how micro funding works. If you’re interested in donating, first, look for sites which are greatly in need of financial support. There are various categories you can choose from. A good example is organizations which feed the homeless. Homeless people experience a hard life due to lack of basic necessities. After reading the storyline, you will be requested to donate. Making donations comes from somebody’s heart and it is very enjoyable. Donators’ needs and personalities are very paramount. It is said that ‘Giving has more blessings than receiving’.

Making small donations is very rewarding. Small donators who are involved in micro funding come from various sources. These may include local charities; these organizations help in allocating individuals who are greatly in need of financial assistance. Such agencies are also responsible for posting stories about people or organizations that need help on various social channels and websites. Every person is heartily welcome to participate during donation. The donations are made via Google checkout to reach these charitable organizations.

Micro funding has been employed in raising funds for many years. Due to economic melt-down, however, small donations are not enough. This has made charitable organizations to spread their wings even to big donators. Micro funding is one of the best ways to ensure economic growth of a country. Most of the organizations hosting micro funding are authorized to do so. However, there are various unscrupulous Internet dealers who only pretend to do so. Such dealers will use unauthorized sites to post their stories. You should watch out for such sites. There are also some online fundraising programs adapted when hosting micro funding. Organizations also offer tools for potential donators to avoid any inconveniences. Occasionally, these organizations may sell tickets as well as other consumer products to attract donators. There is also various risk mitigation strategies applied so that donators feel secured.