IN BUSINESS, one of the main secrets to prosperity is the ability to stay unique in certain things. This is because not many people would want to associate with brands that are common.  A higher supply, after all, typically means a lower demand. This requires that every business should try as much as possible to protect that aspect that is deemed confidential to ensure the security of the business.  It is important that this kind of idea or information be protected at all costs and not leaked to any third parties.  The best way to ensure that this secrecy is adhered to is through a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) or confidentiality agreement.  In most occasions, it is important that the agreement is drafted in a form that can be kept for future reference.  The agreement must also indicate the circumstances under which the agreement is signed. 
Confidentiality agreements can be signed between an employer and his employees or between businesses to ensure that trade secrets are kept.  In a company, there are always personnel policies that are set aside to ensure that the employees are able to uphold the security of information that is deemed confidential.  The policies will ensure that every employee is able to protect the interests of the company concerning confidentiality at all levels.  However, there is need for every company to be able to train its employees on the needs of maintenance of confidentiality.
One of the important details of confidentiality agreements is that they help in the protection of trade agreements.  This is to ensure that the company is able to stay unique in the business arena, and that it is able to enjoy a competitive advantage ahead of the others.  Some of the information that can be protected to ensure the protection of trade agreements may include information about invention designs, materials, and coding contained in certain software, among others.  In fact, it is through the confidentiality of such information that most businesses have managed to stay afloat in the global marketplace and in case such information is leaked, the business will not be able to remain unique and progressive.  This is because other competitors will have the information and be able to start there and improve on the product, instead of starting at square one like the original inventor.
Confidentiality agreements will ensure that the two parties, for instance, the employee and the employer, are able to freely discuss an unveiled product or system without running the risk of disclosure of the confidential information.  Included in the agreement is the caution to be taken against the party that fails to honor the agreement and how disputes that arise in the course of the agreement can be resolved.  This will enhance a better relationship between the two parties that are involved in the agreement.  There will be a better relationship in that each party will be aware of their responsibilities and constraints per the agreement.  The confidentiality agreement will also ensure that there are tailor-made circumstances under which the disclosure can be allowed, for instance the confidential information at times can be disclosed to professional advisors in the event that either is involved in a crisis within the company that requires expert advice.