MANAGERS OVERSEE a number of tasks within the work environment.  These are mostly centered on the employment, improvement and overall welfare of corporate personnel.  They implement and uphold superior policies and duties with relation to training, overall development and even salaries.  These officials are also mandated with recruitment procedure within the HR section, having a major impact on overall development and also maintenance of candid work relations between staff members and respective employees.

At times, the administrators may form friendship bonds with some employees.  This may have some advantages and disadvantages, as discussed in this article.  

First, the manager would benefit in such a way that all discontent within the work setting may be raised as friends before they escalate for formal issues.  There are times when employees could express some dissatisfaction on how things are run within the company, but could feel afraid to raise this matter before their bosses fearing reprimand.  Being your confidant in such issues, the employee would help a lot by raising these concerns such that appropriate action may be considered, in the event that these points are genuine.

Becoming friends with your employee may be good in a sense that you may even delegate some of your duties to the person.  Especially when an emergency situation occurs that requires one to be off work for some few hours.  In situations like this, your friend can promptly oversee your job description for some time before you come back.  And to make things better, the worker would not require any form of payment from his boss

Again, it would be appropriate to take note that being very close to employees may have certain disadvantages, which may not be befitting for both parties.  For instance, your employee may have access to some of your critical documents and share them with others; some of whom may not have your best interests at heart and may use such information to bring your business down. This may also result in underperformance at work, given that most bosses would not reprimand their staff employees according to the same standards as others. Other workers would feel as if you are openly favoring this particular person and may even quit their jobs.  Overall dissatisfaction within the work setting would also result to underperformance, meaning that customers would soon stop patronizing your business.

On the same factor, employees may often feel above the law and go against company protocol, knowing that there’s nothing the boss would do to punish them, since they are friends.  They may overstep the dress code incase there’s any, come to work late, perform shoddy work, and the list goes on.  Keep in mind that if you are responsible for your friend at work and he or she is slacking off and it’s making you look bad, they’re not much of a friend. Other employees would feel de-motivated by such characters and tend to perform below average within the work setting.  It’s recommendable to always maintain a fair work schedule and relate with employees on equal standards within the work setting.  You can take your friendship outside the work place where it would not affect others.