MARKETING MANAGERS ARE normally tasked with looking for new markets for the products and services delivered by a company.  The marketing manager also works closely with product development managers and the research team in designing and implementing the marketing plan.  The work of the marketing manger is characterized by management responsibility, typically long hours, and occasional travel.  The managers are in turn typically compensated with attractive salary packages and benefits.  Keep reading for more tips.

If you believe that you have what it takes to be a marketing manager, the first thing should be acquiring the relevant education.  Typically, in order to be a marketing manager, you should at least have a B.S. or B.A. in marketing, along with a creative minor.  There are other employers that do require the marketing mangers to be experts in certain field of the business such as engineering or having general business management skills.  An MBA also increases the marketability of the experts. While there’s no such thing as a collective mandatory industry education requirement, most of your competitors will have at least a bachelor’s degree.  

Next, gain experience in the marketing field by interning.  You can look for an established business and volunteer to work in the marketing department where you will be working alongside an experienced marketing manger.  Consider following experienced managers while you’re still in school to enhance your experience.  Field experience is essential to make a good marketing manger as well as increase your marketability.

Before you get promoted to management, you should spend at least 3-5 years in the junior level jobs such as sales assistant, marketing assistant, or customer service representative.  These roles help in enhancing your skills in the marketing field, as well as gain the experience that you require to rise to the level of management.

Become a member of creative technical writing or public speaking organization to help in the development of both your oral and written communication skills.  If those don’t exist in your area, take a class or read a book. What matters is that you gain the knowledge and/or experience. Effective marketing managers are supposed to have perfect communication skills.  Communication is an important tool to marketing managers as they should have the ability to convince customers to purchase their products or articulate their marketing plan to the marketing department staff.   

Adopt versatility.  Marketing managers should be ready to relocate to other places.  Being transferred from one branch to another enhances the chances of employees getting promoted.  In addition, you should be ready to dedicate plenty of time.  People don’t get promoted to management by doing the bare minimum. Naturally, social people with effective communication skills are best suited to make effective marketing managers.