IT IS COMMON knowledge that every politician has to have an identity regarding their campaign.  This identity should make the public feel that they have a link with the politician.  It is at this juncture that the politicians use widely known businesses (or little known ones) so that they can build their identity with that.

Politics is a very lucrative (albeit subliminal) way of making a business pick up and dramatically grow successfully.  In a way, politicians build the economy by endorsing businesses that offer certain products or services that customers who would want to use the same products that their politicians use.  Many businesses proudly endorse certain candidates or political parties, while many businesses vehemently remain bipartisan (politically neutral).

It is not only the businesses that the politician may choose to work with that will benefit—many businesses also benefit, such as those who manufacture the fliers that the politician will use, the airtime on the media, the publications he or she would like to distribute to the public, and in a few instances, the health industry.  A good example is the organization that partnered with First Lady Michelle Obama to campaign against obesity in teenagers.

As the economy, both national and global, is a continuously discussed topic among politicians, there is also a huge and lucrative method that is used to ensure that politics supports the business sector’s growth and becomes profitable so that it can increase employment and reduce debt.  In the activities surrounding the campaign that the politician may have, they take their time to also give an insight on being money conscious.  They hold seminars that aim at educating people on giving them the chance of being entrepreneurs.

Politicians also give an opportunity to those interested as they open a few sectors that help upcoming young entrepreneurs have a prosperous journey through setting up their own businesses.  They also help in the review of rates that help in their operation.  By doing this, they subsidize the rates that results in maximum output of the economy.

American politics is also a leading factor as to why other countries may want to be in partnership with them for the growth of the global economic sector.  Countries such as China, India and Russia have realized massive economic growth and stabilization due to trade and business interactions with the United States.   

In the event of being a shareholder in any business that exists in America, the growth of the economy leads to being more lucrative in its own way.  Since there is rarely a relative power that is willing to invest in the American business, politics play a big role in ensuring that the shareholders are given the mandate to invest elsewhere, thus bringing profit via other areas.