IF YOU ASKED people to define their idea of a richer lifestyle, it would be defined in a million different ways by a million different people.
To some people, it means having more money with which to buy material things.  To others, it means having more things of higher quality or an improved social status.  To many, a richer lifestyle simply means more time to spend with family and less time spent working to earn money.
A richer lifestyle may be just a few credit card payments away for you.  If you are living under the burden of a huge debt load, you may feel richer once you get the debt paid down to a manageable size.  For most, a richer lifestyle would be a life free from the worry and stress of struggling to pay the bills.  Others might define a richer lifestyle as one full of creative or charitable pursuits.  For some, a richer lifestyle means nothing less than living the life of a multi-millionaire.
In whatever way you envision a richer lifestyle, the key thing to know is that you can have that lifestyle virtually right away.  No, you won't be a multi-millionaire overnight, but you can greatly improve your enjoyment of life starting today.  If anything, our message is to take responsibility for improving your financial life.  There really is no magic to it.  It takes some work.  In a lot of cases, it will be hard work because most people have never gone to the trouble of stretching beyond their comfort zone in order to get the things they really want in life.
The world is full of plenty of examples of people who overcame incredible hardship and disadvantage to build wonderful, fulfilling, and, what many would call “rich” lives. These people did not luck into success. They earned it. They worked for it. Somewhere along the line, they learned the important lesson that setting clear financial goals, taking action, and persevering through the difficult times will get you where you want to go.
We are lucky enough to be living in the greatest country in the world—where financial opportunity surrounds us. People come to the United States from everywhere in the world to participate in our system. It is easy for us to take our good fortune for granted and become complacent. There are people around you that would try to convince you that someone owes you a free lunch; perhaps that our government should take care of us. You and I know that this thinking couldn't be further from the truth. However, you may feel victimized by the financial system or your current financial status. It is easy to blame the system for being unfair. You might blame fate or others for your financial problems.
Our current economic environment doesn't make positive thinking any easier: High levels of unemployment, record personal bankruptcies, high consumer debt, corporate scandal on Wall Street, and an uncertain economic outlook for the near future.
No matter how bleak things may seem, there is still opportunity for you to financially do better tomorrow than you are doing today.
Take Action!  
Start envisioning your "Richer Lifestyle." Clearly see yourself in the financial situation you have only dreamed about up until now. That vision will be your spark to take the beginning steps needed to get you moving toward making your dreams a reality.