KEEPING YOUR email blast campaign out of spam boxes should be one of the priorities for any company of business that is thinking about using email marketing.  A business should aim at learning how to enable any email sent out to the client to avoid anti-spam filters.  The need for this is shown by the fact that these filters do not just affect genuine spam, but genuine email messages as well.  Your email blast campaign should evade spam boxes completely.

The wording you use in your email messages will help you in keeping your email blast campaign out of spam boxes.  There are certain words which once the anti-spam filters sees within the email, it will deem that to be spam and promptly dispatch it there.  Words such as “free,” “million dollars,” “lottery,” “sale,” and “discounts” are a few of the words targeted by the filters.  To stand a better chance of escaping the clutches of the spam boxes, do not include these words in the subject line.

Timing is also very important as you embark on keeping your blast campaign out of spam boxes.  If the emails are sent out within a short space of time, they may succeed in evading the spam filters though still end up in the folders set aside for junk emails.  The fact that the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) fines businesses up to $16,000 for sending spam messages to clients makes this a very important undertaking.  This is not an issue that should be ignored in any way.

One way of keeping your email blast campaign out of spam boxes is by making sure that you indicate all the accurate information where it is required.  The information should be entered by clearly indicating who the email is being sent out to, as well as who it is from.  The subject matter has to be well handled and rather than using lots of words, try and reference the entire content on the subject line.  This does not, however, mean using or displaying false information on the subject line.

If you wish to be good at keeping your email blast campaign out of spam boxes, you must ensure that you provide your target audience with an opt-out option.  It should not just be clearly displayed on the email where the reader can see it, but you must ensure that you honor any opt-out requests.  There should never be any delay in terms of responding to the client’s wish to be excluded out of the email blast campaign.  It is an offence for this to be disregarded.

As you endeavor toward keeping your email blast campaign out of spam boxes, make sure that you use very few graphics in a single email message.  You should also make sure that your lists are cleaned every month to make sure that it does not get blacklisted by ISPs due to bounce backs and non-subscription requests from the clients.  You may outsource this responsibility to other firms to carry it out for you but still maintain a general supervision over what goes on.