MOST PEOPLE who want to start their own business are usually faced with a problem of being innovative and creative. This is because most ideas have already been invented and it may seem as if they have borrowed an idea from their competitors. However, new entrepreneurs can still be inspired to get new business ideas. This can be done by identification of customers’ needs and trying to fill them or at other times looking for a better way of fulfilling a customer’s needs. The following is a methodology that new entrepreneurs can use as sources of inspiration.

Identification of Customers’ Needs

Consumer needs keep changing from time to time and this can act as inspiration. An individual needs to look at things that consumers use on a daily basis as this can help them identify a need that they may have.


Once a need has been identified, an individual needs to find a way in which they can meet these needs. They can find ways of making them easier, more affordable, and more convenient for a consumer so that they can have a ready market. An individual needs to keep all their ideas in mind regardless of how they sound.


One can find ways of combining one or more goods and services so that they may satisfy more than one consumer need. This leads to inspiration as one will come up with a new idea that will attract more customers as they will find it more convenient and cost-friendly.


One may examine businesses that already exist so that they may not have an idea that is already in use. This also provides them with an opportunity to identify a niche in these businesses that can lead to new ideas as one will be able to solve a consumer need that is not being satisfied at that particular moment.

Skills and Experience

An individual needs to identify their personal skills and experiences, whether they are good or bad. This often leads to a new business idea as one is placing themselves in consumers’ shoes, and as a consumer, one can come up with ways of meeting a market gap that they previously encountered. One can also look at things that they want to do and this can inspire them.


In this step, one needs to combine their skills with services that they can offer so that they can see if their idea is feasible. One can also read books, magazines and inspirational blogs to get more inspired.


One important source of inspiration that can be used is research. This is because as one conducts extensive research, they are able to identify gaps and see what has been done and what is left to be done. One can also look online to find ideas for a business, then look for ways in which they can modify it so that it can be unique. From their research, one can also be informed on ideas that have already been used so that one does not use an idea that is already in use.