DELEGATION IS one strategy that business owners and managers are using to achieve growth.  For every business to be successful, it should have clearly set strategies.  If you are a successful business owner, then you need to delegate.  You should focus on how to do your job in the best way possible.  You need to leverage the time, skill, and experience to other people so that you prioritize your responsibility.  Effective delegation can work miracles to give you overwhelming results.  All you need is to apply it in the most effective way.

What kinds of things should I delegate?

Don’t over-think this. You’ve been around delegation your entire life and just didn’t know it. Your parents delegated chores to you when you were a kid. They delegated the responsibility of mowing the lawn, doing the dishes and laundry, and taking out the trash to you because you could manage the menial tasks and it gave them time to do grownup stuff that only they could do like cook dinner, pay bills, go to work, etc. As a business owner or manager, you can’t depend on your employees to do things like conceptualize growth strategies, project financials, or, well, manage the employees, but you can delegate things like paperwork filing, cleaning the office, and managing transactional documents to them in order to give yourself more time to focus on the things that only you can do.  

Delegation is better than micromanagement in business since it can be used to grow profits very fast.  Many people fear to delegate as they fear the subordinate staff may know the secrets of their business.  Many fear of losing the control of their business by delegating.  However, for effective delegation, you need to identify the person with the right skills to do the right job.  One blunder that you can do and cost you heavily when delegating is assigning a job to someone who has no skills.  Take your time to know the right person in your company who can best handle the task.

What is micromanagement? I’ve heard the term but don’t quite grasp the concept.

Micromanagement is like delegation to an unhealthy level. It’s delegating a task, but then getting down into the weeds of every facet of the task to the lowest level and requiring progress reports of every tiny detail along the way. The employee then spends more time drafting and providing reports than actually working on the task, thus proving the delegation counter-productive.

If you want to boost the morale of your workers, you need to make use of delegation instead of micromanagement.  The morale of the workers will in a big way determine the success of your business.  Working environments can be very stressful to managers.  This is why they need to make use of delegation.  To ensure the morale of your employees is kept up, you need to make use of delegation.  Many managers are aware of this and those who have capitalized on it have succeeded.

Despite the fact that many managers are aware that their behavior can affect the performance of their business, some still practice micromanagement. This is because many of them perceive it as an effective tool in managing the business.  It’s not; it takes forever and just frustrates employees because they think you think they’re stupid. In the modern world, this tool is not effective.  Contrary to what the managers may see, micromanagement kills the morale of the employees.  If you want your business to stand out, you have to know how to delegate tasks.  There are employees who may be having better skills than even you.  Delegation will see new entry of ideas into your business.