FOR ANY BUSINESS to be successful, it should be organized.  From your office to the payment terms, everything should be running smoothly and that all kinks are ironed out.  One place that needs to be organized, in order to keep everything else in line, is your office.  Many offices which people operate from are filled with clutter and the desks are untidy and dirty.  Office clutter and disorganization can chase away prospective business partners and customers because the way you’ve organized your office speaks a lot about you.
Working in an office that is filled with clutter shows how disorganized you are.  When customers come to a disorganized office, they will immediately lose the desire to do business with you.  If you can’t manage small tasks like organizing your office, do you think they will trust you with their money?  NEVER!  The benefits of having a clean and organized office will directly affect the productivity of your business in a positive way.  It is good to show your business partners and customers a serene environment of operation when they stop by.  
Cutting clutter from your office will help build your personality.  If you have an office that is well planned and has enough space, people will see you as an organized person.  Your office may be cold and small, but if it isn’t over cluttered and well maintained, people will still be comfortable doing business there.  The way you have organized your office speaks a lot about your personality.
A well organized office will give you a sense of professionalism.  When customers enter your office and see it neat and appealing, they will know they are dealing with an organized professional. If you’ve ever played sports, you know that you play better when surrounded by better players or faced with a better opponent. By surrounding yourself with a professional environment, you will be more likely to perform more professionally, yourself.   
Cutting down on office clutter will help you get what you want in the long run.  It is good to ensure you have some calm colors in your office as a way of bringing down your stress.  If you want to cool down the daily pressure, it is good to have a tidy environment.
An organized office will portray you as a focused and productive individual who has great vision.  Arranging your office should be your priority if you want to get more business partners, win the hearts of prospective employees, and be happier and more productive at work.