THERE ARE A NUMBER of marketing ideas that many people are utilizing to grow their business’ popularity.  The success of any business depends on its popularity and the means of advertising that it uses.  The modern world is full of competition, especially the business industry.  To be successful, you will have to look for the best advertising ideas available for your specific industry.  For instance, if you’re promoting a ballet company, don’t think that because advertising for beer at football games sells a lot of beer, that you should buy a few billboards at your local NFL stadium advertising your ballet company. Instead, put some effort into thinking about your prospective clients and the most conducive environment for your ads and place them in a wine bar, art gallery, etc. This was an extreme example, but I hope you get the idea. The greatest misplaced ad might get more attention than the worst well-placed ad.
One of the most marketable advertising ideas is Internet advertising.  This form of advertising is fast gaining popularity as many people are now computer literate—it’s like placing an ad on a billboard along a highway that several billion people from all over the world drive on.  Furthermore, it’s a form of advertising that is simple, more targeted, and less costly.  Internet is a technology that can be accessed from any part of the world at any time and your ads can be placed on sites that you know your clients visit.  Most importantly, with this advertising idea, you can track the number of people who click on your products and make adjustments as necessary.
Television advertising is another marketable idea.  Since the invention of the television, many people have used it to boost the sales of their products and services.  Many businesses that have utilized this idea have achieved tremendous success.  In the modern world, there are billions of people who watch TV daily.  All you need to achieve this is to get a good advertising agency that will help you come up with a catchy ad, if you don’t have a person or department within your own company responsible for designing and implementing your advertizing.  However, bear in mind that the cost of advertising will depend on the time your ad is aired, the popularity of the show you use to advertise, and the duration of your ad.  An ad on a public access channel that runs in the middle of the night can be only a few hundred dollars, while 30 seconds during the Super Bowl can be several million dollars.

Radio advertising is another marketable idea that has been around for a while.  Radio is one of the oldest means of advertisement that many people have used to make their products known.  Radio utilizes voice, dialogue and jingles to catch the attention of listeners.  One bad thing about this marketing idea is that it doesn’t create visual images like television as it only uses audio signals.