ONE OF THE BEST things that a business owner can do is keep proper recordings of business operations.  This is even more important when it comes to sales.  Beyond sales, keeping record of the cost of goods sold is very important.  This is a step that will help you better manage your overall business operations and determine whether the business is worth having or not.  Most businesses that collapse do so due to the fact that the investors fail to keep record of their goods.  There are many reasons why keeping recordings of the goods sold is important.
To start with, keeping the records will help you determine the profits made.  The main goal of having a business is to make profits.  The profits made cannot, however, be seen if the business owner fails to look at the cost of goods sold.  This is why more time has to be spent to determine the average cost of goods sold and determine whether the trends taken are worth the strain or not.
Second, keeping record of the sold goods will help you know the areas that are more resourceful.  As aforementioned, the primary goal of every business owner is to make profits.  At times, the profits made are lost through inactive options taken.  This is why special attention has to be put on the goods sold to determine whether the results achieved are reliable or not.  In most cases, if one area does not get half to the most effective option in the running of your business, it is a great idea to abandon it.  This is because the losses incurred in this area will be charged on the profits earned on the other.
As the saying goes, taxes and death are the two inevitable things in life.  When you sell goods, you must be prepared to pay your taxes.  Some people end up paying in excess or violating the rules simply because they have no record of the sales made.  When you have a record of all the sales made, you will be able to pay the exact amount of money in taxes.  This will keep you from over- or under-paying.
It is also important to understand that keeping record of the cost of goods sold will help you plan for the future.  Planning is the key to success in the running of a business.  This is why every business owner has to always look at what he or she is capable of and what he or she cannot achieve prior to making decisions.  Looking at the sales made will help you plan ahead.  This is simply because the option will help you understand the areas you are good at and ones that will never bear the desired results.
Lastly, and most importantly, the record of the cost of goods sold will keep you from incurring losses at the end of the day.  Losses are the jinx of every business owner.  The good news is that some of the losses can be eluded.  By looking at what you’re good at and what you’re not so good at, you will be able to make necessary changes in good time.  This will help salvage your business in a great way.